UZAY SISTEM offers the most suitable solution together with mass housing projects, prefabricated steel structures, space cage roofing, roofing and facade covering projecting, manufacturing and erection. It also provides turn-key solutions for industrial structures with infrastructure and reinforced concrete works using experience construction.

UZAY SISTEM has adopted the principle of designing the engineering service offered by inquiring the relations with all the elements of the structure, not just the products produced by itself. Has made it necessary to make the necessary contributions with all the necessary sacrifices at all levels, including the necessary detail solutions for this purpose. As a subcontractor, we works as a solution partner.

We are a different company, because our company performs load analysis according to the standards in the project solutions, taking into consideration the effects of wind load, moving load, snow, heat and earthquake on windings in vertical and vertical direction. Because our manufacturing is prefabricated, it is possible to change the structure easily. Using wheeled scaffolds, the whole roof can be covered in the air without the help of a crane. As a result, manufacturing and assembly times have become very short, the time-related increases in construction costs have been lifted. Taking the plant to operate in a shorter period of time makes a great contribution to the economy of our country as well as to investors.

Industrial facilities, buildings, stadiums, sports facilities, swimming pools, shopping centers, overpasses, petrol stations, etc. We provide unlimited service in the space roof systems of any kind of space. Our company has become one of the ambitious names in the sector.